Form meets functionality with AEG's island hoods, with their unique design, modern finishes and high-quality performance.

AEG Island Hoods

In addition to their striking design, AEG's chimney hoods features powerful air-quality technology to efficiently keep kitchen air clean.

AEG Chimney Hoods

Give yourself more space for creative cooking and streamline your kitchen with AEG's powerful ceiling extractor fans.

AEG Ceiling Hoods

For natural, clean air and an effortlessly silent kitchen, an AEG downdraft extractor is exactly what you need.

AEG Downdraft Hoods

If you want discretion without compromising on power, look no further than an AEG integrated canopy cooker hood.

AEG Canopy Hoods

AEG's telescopic hood range is the perfect choice when you have limited kitchen space and want to integrate the hood with your cabinets.

AEG Telescopic Hoods