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Fridges and freezers for food lovers.

Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any NEFF kitchen. That’s why the right food storage is so important. All their fridges and freezers - whether it’s a large American-style appliance that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, or a built-in model that integrates seamlessly into the kitchen furniture - give you the flexibility to keep your fruit, vegetables and herbs crisp and vibrant for longer.

NEFF fridges and freezers have a range of innovative features including FreshSafe food preservation, helping your ingredients stay fresher for longer. MultiAirFlow distributes temperatures equally throughout the fridge, ensuring every leaf and every yoghurt pot is properly chilled. Additional NEFF features, such as EasyAccess shelf and VarioShelf, take the hassle out of stocking up your appliance. So instead of fiddling with compartments, you can get straight to preparing your next meal.


Choose an NEFF fridge freezer to make sure your groceries are preserved for longer to maintain their flavour and freshness.

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It’s easy to lock in freshness to create sumptuous dishes as Neff fridges give you more flexibility to preserve nutrients.

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Keep your frozen products in an easy-to-organise integrated Neff freezer that makes it simple to find what you need.

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Neff's compact wine coolers offer the ultimate in style and flexibility., while adding a bit of luxury to your kitchen.

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