With over 130 years of cooking knowledge and expertise, AEG have built a formidable reputation on their enviable German engineering, superior technology and luxurious design.

Ovens are an important part of every kitchen, and it can take a long time to find the right one for you and your home. People want different thing's from their oven and there a lot of ovens on the market to choose from. Most of the major brands offer a few different design collections that consist of a range of appliances that have been specially designed to compliment each other aesthetically. AEG are no exception to this and currently have 4 collections in their catalogue. 

6000 Series

There are actually 2 sub-categories in the 6000 range - The SurroundCook® and the SteamBake. 



This collection is considered AEG's entry-level oven range and are generally cheaper than the other ranges currently on offer. That said, the design and functions in the 6000 SurroundCook series rival those of the more expensive ovens sold by other brands. 

SurroundCook is AEG's convection cooking system, which ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity. The oven also heats up faster and cooking temperatures can be reduced by up to 20%, saving you both time and energy. Unlike standard ovens, the SurroundCook oven’s advanced fan technology ensures that every part of your dish is getting exactly the heat it needs, no matter which shelf it’s placed on, or whether it’s one dish or several. No more turning dishes halfway through cooking.

The SurroundCook ovens also feature an additional heating ring which ensures your dishes are evenly cooked even when loaded with up to three trays for corner to corner deliciousness. Many models are equipped with catalytic cleaning. The catalytic lining absorbs the grease from cooking and is activated by regular heating to 220°C. The grease residue is oxidised, leaving the catalytic surface clean.

In terms of design and usability, the majority of the 6000 Series ovens feature the AEG EXPlore LED Display with touch controls, with a responsive and vibrant interface that gives you quick access and control of cooking time, temperature, and other features. So setting your oven is easy and precise. For the other models, the oven dials are a retractable, pop-out design. On some ovens, the icons are printed on the dials so they can only be seen when the dials are in use, whilst a few models have the icons printed directly on the panel, making them visible at all times.



Pop-Out Dials and Display Panel

A lot of AEG's built in ovens feature dials on the display panel. On some models, the oven dials are a retractable, pop-out design. On some ovens, the icons are printed on the dials so they can only be seen when the dials are in use, whilst a few models have the icons printed directly on the panel, making them visible at all times. 


Multi Level Cooking

AEG's Multilevel cooking allows users to utilize multiple oven racks simultaneously at different levels within the oven cavity. This feature is particularly useful when preparing multiple dishes with varied cooking requirements, as it enables the user to optimize the available space and cook different items at the same time.


SurroundCook Technology

SurroundCook technology helps to eliminate annoying hot spots within the oven by utilizes a fan system that circulates hot air, creating a uniform temperature inside the oven.. Whether you're baking, roasting, or grilling, the even distribution of heat helps to achieve an overall improved cooking performance.



The primary selling point of the 6000 SteamBake ovens is the Added Steam function found on all the models in the range. In addition to all the standard oven functions, the PlusSteam button adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. Steam cooking is great for cooking healthy meals whilst also locking in flavour and moisture. You can also use the Steam Regeneration function to heat up leftovers, so you can reheat bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and much more and they'll taste freshly cooked. The SteamBake ovens also feature Multilevel Cooking thanks to the additional heating ring which ensures your dishes are evenly cooked on any and every level. Many ovens in the range also feature the same SurroundCook system found in the 6000 SurroundCook series. 

Steambake ovens come equipped with self-cleaning technology. A lot of the ovens are Pyrolytic, whilst some others in the range utilise the steam function to help keep the oven clean. Called Aqua Clean, this system uses steam to loosen otherwise stubborn grease and residue left on the ovens surfaces. There's also Catalytic cleaning. The catalytic lining absorbs the grease from cooking and is activated by regular heating to 220°C. The grease residue is oxidised leaving the catalytic surface clean.

As well as the EXPlore Display and pop-out controls, many of the SteamBake ovens come with a handy Food Sensor. By precisely measuring the core temperature of your food, the Food Sensor lets you know when your rare, medium or well done meat is ready, and helps you cook your fish and vegetables just the way you like them. 




Food Sensor

The Food Sensor, also known as the Food Probe or Meat Probe, is an integrated thermometer that measures the core temperature of food. It is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes, such as meats, fish or poultry. While using it, you will be assured that your food will reach the right core temperature. You don’t need to worry about cooking times as it guides precisely how long your dish should stay in the oven.


Steam Regeneration

The Steam Regenerating setting is a steam cooking function optimised for reheating leftovers. The steam prevents the surface from drying out, while heat is distributed gently and evenly to make food look, taste and smell like it’s newly prepared. The Steam Regenerating function can be used to reheat food directly on a plate. You can reheat more than one plate at the same time, using different shelf positions.


EXPlore LED Display

For intuitive oven cooking, choose an oven with the EXCite Touch Display. This feature provides access to a wide variety of oven functions to suit every dish. It also makes it easy to adjust oven temperature and timings. And gives you direct feedback, and highlights the most important information. The EXCite digital display is easy to use and navigate, and provides clear guidance and information at a glance.




The 7000 SteamCrisp collection can be seen as the middle tier of AEG's oven range. More equipped than the 6000 series, yet cheaper to buy than the higher numbered collections, the SteamCrisp are a good all-rounder. They are also a good-looking oven, with sleeker control panels and Anti-Fingerprint exterior coating.

The biggest focal point of the 7000 SteamCrisp range is the Combination Steam technology. This is an automatic steam & heat setting and is great for a wide variety of dishes, such as vegetables, meat, poultry dishes. The combination of steam and heat give dishes a tender texture with a tasty crisp finish. The Steam Regeneration function is perfect for reheating bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and much more. The SteamCrisp ovens aren't pure steam ovens, and also feature standard cooking functions, including Multilevel Cooking and the convection SurroundCook system, making them more versatile cost-effective. You can also opt for a SteamCrisp oven with an electronic food probe, and a few models also feature the Inclined FloodLight™, a specially positioned at the front of the oven and angled directly onto the food. 

The majority of the 7000 Series ovens feature the EXPlore LED Display with touch controls, and a select few also have the Command Wheel so you can precisely and easily control the oven heat, browse programmes, choose functions and even get oven software updates via WiFi.



Combination Steam Cooking

Steam cooking not only provides unsurpassed flavour and retains its texture; it also allows you to preserve the foods vital vitmains and nutrients. For example, when boiling vegetables in water many vitamins seep out into the water and then is often thrown away. Steam cooking ensures the vitamins, minerals and nutrients stay inside your food meaning a healthier plate of food for you.


Pyrolytic Cleaning Programme

Pyrolytic Cleaning allows you to simply wipe away dirt and ashes after the cleaning cycle is done. When activated, the oven heats up to 500°C and turns dirt, grease and food residue to ashes, which are wiped away after the oven cools. The process takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the programme you select, and can be used anytime your oven needs a deep clean.


Command Wheel Control

With the EXCite+ TFT Display with Command Wheel you can precisely and easily control the oven heat, browse programmes, choose functions and even get oven software updates via WiFi. All at the twist of a dial and displayed on the digital screen. Combined with the Assisted Cooking feature and My AEG App, controlling your oven has never been easier!

Assisted Cooking


The 8000 AssistedCooking Oven has a recipe collection built in, allowing you to precisely prepare any meal with ease. Every oven in the series comes equipped with a probe which analyses core temperatures when inserted in food, and once the selected internal temperature has been reached the oven will automatically switch off, ensuring perfect cooking results. All 8000 AssistedCooking ovens are Pyrolytic too, which is a big bonus, as well as featuring Multilevel Cooking which ensures all your dishes are evenly cooked on every level. The Fast Heat Up system heats up the oven 40% than average, and the Base Heat Finishing function heats from the bottom element only so it's perfect for reheating pies and pastries, as well as warming plates and crockery. A few of the AssistedCooking ovens feature the Inclined FloodLight™ - an interior light at the front of the oven that is specially designed to angle directly on to the food. Also featured are Isofront® plus quadruple glazed doors, which have multi-layered glass panes with heat reflective coating to keep the heat in the oven.

All of the AssistedCooking ovens are WiFi enabled and can be remotely managed when using the My AEG Kitchen App. If you have a preference, you can choose between the Command Wheel controls and the TFT EXCite Touch Display. You also have two oven colour choices - a chic, black or a stainless steel finish, which comes with an Anti-fingerprint coating. 





AEG's most advanced oven yet, the 9000 SteamPro with Steamify® lets you bake, steam and sous-vide all in one appliance.

SousVide is used in most high-end restaurants as it's the best way to maintain texture, flavour and moisture, whilst also preserving the vitamins, colours and nutrients. Sousvide is cooking by vacuum sealing and steaming the food to it's perfect temperature, which also prevents overcooking and burning. 

The 9000 SteamPro ovens come with 3 combination steam & heat settings that are perfect for a variety of dishes. Choose High steam for delicate desserts, Medium steam for stews and casseroles, while Low steam perfect for roasts & vegetables. To make selecting the right steam level easier, use the Steamify® function which automatically selects the right steam level for your meal, easily enhancing your cooking with the perk of steam. The Full Steam function is the pure steam cooking system that is perfect for fish, vegetables and rice. You can also use the Steam Regeneration function for reheating bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and much more.

Every SteamPro oven comes equipped with a probe which analyses core temperatures when inserted in food, and once the selected internal temperature has been reached the oven will automatically switch off. All also feature the Fast Heat Up system, which heats up the oven 40% than average, as well as the Steam Cleaning function. As well as the array of steam cooking options, the SteamPro can also be used like a standard oven - you can still grill your cheese toasties and cook your Friday night pizzas. Other features in the series include the Inclined FloodLight™, the Isofront® Plus quadruple glazed door, Base Heat Finishing, and the EXCite+ TFT Display with Command Wheel. All of the SteamPro ovens are WiFi enabled. Using the My AEG Kitchen App isn't compulsory, but it is a smart and helpful added bonus that can give a more personalised cooking experience.


Sous Vide Cooking

In AEG's SteamPro ovens with sous-vide, you can achieve results that are impossible in a normal oven. Vacuum sealed bags slow oxidation, preserving flavour, vitamins, nutrients and colour. Temperature is maintained within a half-degree range. This precision gives you mouthwatering flavour and results you can recreate time after time. Sous-vide may be an advanced technique, but the AEG SteamPro makes it easy.


Full Steam

Full Steam cooking is available The steam penetrates food quicker than dry air meaning food is cooked quicker. Steam is a healthier way of cooking as it locks in all the vitamins, nutrients and flavours of food giving tender and tasty results. In addition to its taste, it also perfects the texture and colour of each dish. With steam, you can control the baking and cooking process very precisely and achieve a tasty result in no time.



Steamify® makes steam cooking easier than you can imagine. Thanks to Steamify® there is no need to change the way you cook if you’re used to cooking with hot air, or top-and-bottom heat. You don’t need to figure out how and when to add steam, your oven adds the right amount of steam at the right time for you. Steamify® can replace almost all your usual cooking habits and give you tastier meals with minimal effort.


Assisted Cooking

Succeed in preparing delicious dishes every time. AssistedCooking helps you find the appropriate settings to use for the dish you want to cook. The same goes for figuring out the best oven function to get the results you want for the dish you are making. Simply enter the function and answer step-by-step questions as to what you are cooking and the results you desire (e.g., rare, medium, well done), and AssistedCooking will suggest how to set the oven. 


Hydrolytic Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is a self-cleaning function that comes with all of AEG's steam ovens. The steam softens the grease or residue, making it easier to clean your oven. There are two different steam cleaning programmes, depending on your needs – light cleaning or heavier cleaning. The ovens also have built-in reminders to let you know when cleaning is necessary for continued optimal performance. The reminders can be enabled and disabled in the settings menu.


The AEG My Kitchen App

Enhance your kitchen experience and get more from your AEG appliances by connecting them to The AEG App. You can use voice control or set oven temperature and time remotely, get cooking help with Assisted Cooking programmes, or collect all your favourite recipes in one place. AEG appliances work with the popular Innit app so each cooking process is enhanced: From recipes based on personal preferences, to automated oven settings and step-by-step baking guidance.