Belling's 60cm, 70cm and 75cm gas hobs provide instant heat via mains gas or LPG, and allow exceptional control over cooking temperatures. With four to five burners in various sizes on every model, you can easily manage multiple pans and benefit from even heat distribution.

Belling Gas Hobs

Belling's induction hobs heat your pan rather than the hob, making them some of the safest, fastest and greenest models available. They have a range of compact 30cm, 60cm models and spacious 90cm models, all boasting a black ceramic glass surface that's easy to keep clean.

Belling Induction Hobs

Belling have a range of 30cm, 60cm and 70cm wide electric ceramic hobs. All have an easy-clean ceramic glass hotplate with four or five zones in two or three sizes, so you can keep multiple pans at the perfect temperature using intuitive touch or rotary controls.

Belling Ceramic Hobs