Blomberg Home Appliances

In harmony with nature, your life and you.

With over 130 years of production and expertise in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg is recognised as a German quality brand in home appliances. Blomberg products are in harmony with you because they try to make your life more enjoyable. From easy-to-use controls to unique technological innovations to practical solutions, they will exceed all expectations.

Blomberg's vision is to become an appliance brand known throughout the world for innovations that bring harmony to your home. Produced with the utmost attention to detail, performance, and style, Blomberg's products have won major awards for their technical standards and outstanding design.

Blomberg Washing Machines

Welcome rapid and smooth-running washing cycles into your home with our range of high performance integrated and freestanding washing machines. Introducing drums that scale up to a generous 11kg capacity, and a programme that can completely clean a full load in under 30 minutes, Blomberg's laundry range is designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle.

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Blomberg Refrigeration

Blomberg's smart and sophisticated refrigeration range has been developed to preserve the freshness of your food for longer. Featuring everything from intelligent Blue Light technology that maintains the vitamin content and freshness of your fruit and vegetables, to water and ice dispensers that let you enjoy chilled water and ice at your leisure.

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Blomberg Dishwashers

Expertly created to complement your active lifestyle, Blomberg's range of powerful dishwashers are the perfect dinner-party companions. Generously sized and effortless to load, their high performance and cutting-edge technologies, such as the quiet and energy efficient Optima Inverter Motor, will make trusting your dishwasher second-nature.

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Blomberg Cookers

Whether you prefer cooking with gas, or a budding baker in favour of electric ovens, Blomberg's freestanding cookers have something for every aspiring cook. While their ceramic hob cookers promise seamless style and effortless cleaning to match, Blomberg's gas models merge old and new to bring unparalleled speed and energy efficiency to traditional gas cooking.

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Blomberg Tumble Dryers

By balancing fast drying cycles and an economical use of energy, Blomberg's range of Faster Dry tumble dryers give you the best of both worlds. From a selection of sensor programmes that let you choose the dryness of your laundry, to smart technologies that maximise energy efficiency, their tumble dryers have been designed to give you the flexibility.

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Blomberg Built In Ovens

Coupling enviable design with the latest cooking and cutting edge Pyrolytic Self-cleaning technologies, Blomberg's range of built-in ovens are designed to fit seamlessly with your cabinetry. From compact models that match the speed of a microwave to generously sized double ovens that promise unparalleled cooking flexibility, you can discover the perfect oven for your requirements.

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A History of Harmony

Established in 1883 in Germany, Blomberg has more than 130 years of delivering quality and innovation. With a focus on intelligent solutions, energy efficiency, and the highest quality materials, they create home appliances with cutting-edge performance that function in perfect harmony with you. Blomberg's mission is to bring balance to the lives of their customers. To achieve this, they have been offering a comprehensive range of innovative home appliances for more than 130 years.