Bosch's island cooker hoods have been specially developed for use over your kitchen island and are freely suspended from the ceiling above it.

Bosch Island Hoods

Chimney cooker hoods are generally mounted on the wall, fitting beautifully into the line of your kitchen units whilst providing effective ventilation.

Bosch Chimney Hoods

The ceiling cooker hood is installed directly into your ceiling. It not only ensures clean air but also providing excellent lighting for your hob.

Bosch Ceiling Hoods

Unobtrusive yet powerful, integrated cooker hoods have to be pulled forward at an angle for use and are therefore only visible during use.

Bosch Canopy Hoods

Telescopic cooker hoods are installed directly into your wall units, making them a near-invisible solution in your kitchen.

Bosch Telescopic Hoods

Providing great performance in small spaces, visor extractors are housed underneath the kitchen unit and can thus always be seen.

Bosch Visor Hoods