Hoover Home Appliances

Wellbeing. Performance. Trust.

With over 100 years experience, Hoover’s number one priority has always been ensuring people’s wellbeing while offering high-performing and reliable home appliances. Hoover is the brand for those who choose the same quality at home that they demand for their life. It is for those that believe in a healthy lifestyle, where wellbeing is important for them and their families. Hoover offers you the latest generation solutions to get perfect results in terms of performance and effectiveness while providing total care for your clothes, your food and your home.

Hoover Laundry

Take care of your garments by choosing one of Hoover's laundry appliances. You will have at your disposal a series of washing cycles specially conceived to sanitize and care for the fabrics and colours of the clothes you love. The best of technology for a perfect wash - maximum capacity, connectivity and low consumption combined with supreme care for fabrics.

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Hoover Refrigeration

Hoover's wide range of refrigerators provide perfect food, drink and wine storage, as well as increased freshness over time, thanks to innovative technologies. Intuitive, stylish and ergonomic, some refrigerator models make it possible to select the ideal refrigeration intensity for your food, thanks to Touch user-friendly electronic controls.

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Hoover Dishwashers

Hoover dishwashers provide you with an excellent washing experience for all your dishes, even the dirtiest ones, while saving time and energy. Thanks to the capacity and flexibility of its inner space, you can organize dishes, pots and glasses as you prefer. The washing programs clean up sensitive materials such as glass and ceramics, ensuring hygiene, brilliance and care.

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Hoover Built In Ovens

With Hoovers multifunctional ovens, you can prepare tasty dishes while maintaining a healthy cooking style. Design and attention to detail make Hoover ovens suitable for all kitchens and, thanks to hydrolytic and pyrolytic cleaning programs, it only takes a few steps to have a clean kitchen oven ready in no time. Easily combine taste and well-being, let Hoover surprise you!

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Hoover Hobs

Sleek and elegant, modern or classic design, gas or electric: have you chosen your Hoover hob? Discover the wide range of solutions designed for your kitchen and rely on Hoover's experience, synonymous with innovation, safety and quality. You can choose powerful gas cooking hobs, or the modern design and cutting-edge technology of induction hobs with flexible cooking areas.

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Hoover Wine Coolers

Opening a good bottle of wine is a unique experience of taste. Hoover wine coolers ensure that your bottles are kept at the perfect temperature and humidity, protecting them from harmful light, odours and vibrations. You will have a functional appliance with an elegant and refined design, suitable for any environment from the kitchen to the living room.

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Our Connected Ecosystem

Connectivity to Hoover is not just about being up to date. It means providing real solutions to enhance daily experiences through Hoover appliances. It aims to modernize and improve people’s lives, health and wellbeing thanks to a complete set of unique features that offers effective and reliable solutions for a better quality of life.

Hoover H-WASH 500 Washing Machines

Long-lasting performance, high efficiency.

Hoover's H-WASH 500 is the extremely sturdy, reliable and stylish washing machine that guarantees outstanding results and excellent care of fibres, giving them a longer lifespan, thanks to the new-generation Eco-Power Inverter Motor, the most long-lasting and powerful belt technology available on the market.

Superior space optimization mixed with innovative components and materials guarantees to comfortably wash all family garments at once, saving time. The H-WASH 500, thanks to its motor, adapts the washing action to the load ensuring best results and 60% more efficiency. H-WASH 500 is the unique washing machine offering a complete set of 9 Care Cycles that allows you to take care of all your favourite clothes, preserving fibres for longer and without any effort.

Hoover Heat Pump Tumble Dryers

Welcome to the new experience of drying.

Technology and innovation go hand in hand with Hoover: that’s why their range of dryers are designed to guarantee the best treatment for your garments with total care and efficiency. You can control and manage the status of the drying cycle of your most precious garments, wherever and whenever you are.

Heat pump dryers work in a similar way to condenser dryers. They use a heat pump to reuse the hot air that is normally lost, and recycle this air through the drum. This reuse of energy makes them the most efficient type of tumble dryer. The new design of Aquavision door tank enables you to always see the level of water. Easy to remove and replace into the dryer, it's an unique system created by Hoover.

Hoover's H Fridge 700 Maxi

The healthy way to preserve your food

Hoover presents H-FRIDGE 700 MAXI, the Hoover solution that grants improved refrigeration conditions to better preserve food properties and nutritional values. Thanks to its maxi capacity and the Total No Frost technology, H-FRIDGE 700 MAXI also ensures a better preservation for longer, avoiding frost creation. Enjoy your fresh, safe and healthy meals!

More space to better position your food inside the fridge and improve refrigeration performances. No more expired food inside, thanks to a better visibility of the cavity. H-FRIDGE 700 MAXI features a big capacity of over 400 liters. Discover all the advantages of extra space.

Hoover's H-Oven Steam 700

Discover the real taste of food

Hoover's steam assisted oven is specially designed to give you professional results for healthier and tastiest food. An oven that offers both traditional and steam cooking through smart solutions: you can cook any kind of dish exalting its flavours!

Steam oven cooking is easier than you think. Just choose the right option and you will have a delicious dish ready in no time. With steam, you can cook so much healthier and with more flavour. It is extra low in fat, super nutritious and, in addition to its taste, also perfects the texture and colour of each dish.