NEFF Appliances. Inspiring your kitchen creativity.

Cooking passion since 1877.

NEFF specialise in stylish, forward-thinking integrated appliances that are designed to suit every kitchen and cook. Offering an extensive range of beautiful and intelligent home appliances, you can always count on NEFF to help your creativity thrive in the kitchen. Whether you’re making a three-course banquet to impress friends or baking something sweet to share with the family, a NEFF kitchen has everything you need to fully explore your culinary imagination.

Neff Ovens

Neff ovens use the most innovative technology and are available in a wide range of styles and fit sizes. With options such as the unique Slide & Hide, Circotherm, Pyrolytic cleaning and VarioSteam, there’s a Neff oven to suit every kitchen.

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Neff Microwaves

Combining convenience, technology and style, Neff microwaves are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Available in a wide range of designs and a variety of handy cooking functions, they are perfect for anyone looking for flexibility and style in their home.

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Neff Hobs

Neff hobs are designed to make cooking easy and enjoyable, with a wide range of induction, gas ceramic and venting hobs available. Their innovative controls, such as FlameSelect® and TwistPadFire® provide flexible cooking, whilst the venting hobs are a space saving innovation.

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Neff Refrigeration

Neff’s refrigeration range is packed with innovative features, with models available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and fit types. Unique Neff features, such as FreshSafe preservation and MultiAirFlow, ensure your food is tastiest for longer.

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Neff Cooker Hoods

Neff’s powerful and quiet cooker hoods are designed to be both fantastically functional as well as dramatically stylish. Available in a huge range of sizes and hood designs, a Neff extractor will keep your kitchen smelling fresh and steam and odour free.

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Neff Dishwashing

Designed to take the hassle out of cooking, Neff’s fantastic range of dishwashers are packed with innovative time and energy saving technology. Available in a variety of sizes, designs and fit types, you’re sure to find your perfect dishwasher with Neff.

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Why choose Neff?

As one of the most popular and innovative appliance brands on the market, Neff have worked hard to create inspiring products that are designed to let your creativity and imagination thrive in the kitchen. Functional as well as beautiful, Neff’s appliances are perfect for any home.

NEFF Slide&Hide®

Neff offers a wide variety of stylish and innovative built in ovens and are the only brand to offer the unique and immensely popular Slide&Hide® oven door. The oven door slides smoothly under the oven cavity, allowing you uninhibited access to your food, making cooking much easier and safer than ever before.

Don't forget to check out the fantastic Pyrolytic self-cleaning function featured on a wide variety of Neff built in ovens - a game changing development in modern cooking.

With a range of cooking technologies and styles available, you are sure to find the perfect Neff Slide&Hide® oven for your kitchen.

NEFF CircoTherm®

Neff CircoTherm® technology offers time-saving multi-level cooking, so you can cook three different dishes at once without worrying about any intermingling of flavours. The hot air is distributed evenly and seals food quickly, stopping any drying out of the food and preventing flavour transfer.

CircoTherm® uses air drawn in from the oven through a powerful stainless steel fan, which is then heated up and forced back into the oven. This ensures the optimum temperature is reached much more quickly and is efficiently distributed more evenly round the oven.

NEFF VarioSteam®

Neff VarioSteam® system allows you to cook nutritious, flavoursome food by harnessing the power of steam so you can enjoy moisture-rich, succulent food for every meal.

You can choose from 3 steam intensity levels – simple heat-up, roasting and baking – to give your food the perfect amount of moisture and texture. VarioSteam® also helps in retaining all the vitamins and minerals in your food, allowing you to make delicious, healthy meals at home.

Neff’s VarioSteam® ovens also come with convenient preset programmes to take the hassle out of cooking, as well as an easy-to-use water container, all whilst maintaining Neff’s signature sleek aesthetic. They really are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

NEFF FreshSafe and VitaFresh®

Ensuring your food is stored in the perfect conditions is essential for everyone. Neffs FreshSafe food preservation technology means ingredients are kept fresher and preserves the nutrients for longer. Using innovative temperature control, FreshSafe locks in your foods goodness, meaning you can create sumptuous dishes using your favourite ingredients.

Neff’s VitaFresh® system uses two separate humidity zones, ensuring your food is kept in the perfect conditions without any intermingling of smells and flavours. Your food also retains it’s vitamins and minerals for up to three times longer, therefore cutting down on wastage and saving you money.

NEFF Venting Cooktop

Neff's integrated venting hobs combine the best of hob and cooker hood technology in one perfect cooking appliance. With no hood in the way, there’s nothing to block your view or creativity.

An exciting new innovation in kitchen appliances, venting hobs are fast becoming a popular choice due to their convenience and practicality. A downdraft extractor is built into the hob, meaning steam and odours are effectively removed directly at the source. They are not only extremely efficient but also look great in any kitchen.

NEFF Home Connect

Neff's Home Connect brings smart technology to your appliances and lets you control them with your phone or tablet. So, whether you want to turn the oven on to cook your dinner when you’re on your way home, or check what’s in your fridge while you’re at the shops, you’ll be in complete control.

Home Connect is available on a wide range of Neff's appliances, meaning you can now have complete control over your washing machine, oven, dishwasher and more. You can monitor and adjust the programme settings, check status notifications, and even run diagnostic reports, all remotely and conveniently.