simplify your life with Candy washing machines, precious allies in your day, because they wash and respect your clothes without unnecessary waste of water and electricity. Take a look at the various models in the range and discover how Candy's front-loading washing machines will fit in perfectly with the space in your home and respond to your family's cleaning needs.

Candy Washing Machines

Comfortable, easy to use and as smart as ever, Candy dryers have a load capacity of up to 10kg and are available in different types and with numerous drying cycles. Candy dryers guarantee excellent performance, respecting your favourite clothes and, thanks to the numerous drying programmes available, they are perfect for those who want to optimize their time.

Candy Tumble Dryers

With a Candy washer dryer, taking care of your laundry is much easier, allowing you to get clean and dry clothes in just a few steps, without wasting water and energy. Candy washer-dryers are silent, with excellent performance, a large load capacity and an ergonomic design. The various washing programmes available take care of your clothes for you!

Candy Washer Dryers