Extended Warranties


The warranty of an appliance is a guarantee provided by the manufacturer that assures the buyer that the product will meet certain standards of quality and performance. It outlines the terms and conditions under which the manufacturer will repair or replace the product, or refund the purchase price, within a specified period after the purchase date. This time period is usually 1 to 2 years from the date of delivery, but it varies depending on the manufacturer and/or particular appliance. As consumers become more and more careful about what they spend their money on, manufacturer warranties are becoming an increasingly important criteria when buying a new appliance. A 5 year warranty is a lot more appealing than a 1 year term, and people are willing to spend a little bit extra on the initial purchase for that extra peace of mind in the long run.

We always recommend that you register your appliance with the manufacturer as soon as it is delivered to ensure the warranty for your product is guaranteed. It makes things a lot easier if the item does develop a fault later on. Registering ensures that you can take full advantage of the warranty coverage, including repairs, replacements, or service support. Failing to register may result in limited or no warranty protection, depending on the manufacturer terms. It also allows the manufacturer to contact you promptly if there are any safety concerns or issues discovered with your specific model. 

You can choose to purchase extended warranties or protection plans for products, which can provide additional coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. We offer Retracare's SmartCare Gold Protection Plan on all eligible products, which extends the warranty to 5 years in total. So, if you buy a washing machine with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, you can choose to purchase an extra 3 three years warranty with RetraCare, giving you 5 years protection overall. As 5 years is the maximum you can extend the warranty to, this protection plan isn't available on products which already have a 5 year manufacturer warranty. 


Retracare SmartCare Gold

Who are Retracare?

Retracare is the extended warranty package provided by Retra, the UK’s leading trade association for independent electrical retailers and servicing organisations.
They have been providing protection for more than 25 years and their services and products are fully underwritten so you can rest assured that your appliances are in safe hands. With competitive rates and clear policy guidelines, the Retracare warranty package covers a variety of electrical goods against breakdown for up to five years. We offer their Smart Care Gold service, which means that if a product covered by Retracare breaks down outside the manufacturer’s warranty period, Retra will cover the cost of repair, including parts and labour charges. If it can’t be repaired, then they'll cover the cost of a new, like-for-like, replacement.

The Smart Care Gold Service includes:

Protection against electrical & mechanical breakdown

Accidental Damage

Parts, labour & call out charges covered

Unlimited repairs

A New for Old replacement product if we can’t fix yours

National accredited repair network

Specialist UK based call centres


You can add this service to all applicable products on our site when you add your chosen item to the basket. Just tick the Gold 5 Year Extended Warranty box and click 'Add Extras'. We'll let RetraCare know the details of your purchase, and they'll send you a welcome email shortly after. Easy!


You can find further information about the Smart Care Gold Plan below: