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The hob is a vital part of the kitchen and apart from being a necessity they’re also now a style feature for the kitchen. There’s a lot to think about when purchasing a hob, what fuel type is best for you, how many zones will you need and what look are you after. We’ve outlined the basics below to help you decide which type of hob will suit your cooking needs.


Hob Types

Neff induction hobs

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are the most advanced type of electric hob and are powerful, easy to control and very quick to heat up. They're also good at simmering, boiling and melting. These hobs are smooth, modern and super easy to wipe clean. 

Induction hobs create a magnetic field between the induction element in the hob and the pan. This means only the pan heats up, not the cooking surface which makes the cooking surface safer and the hob it’s self is more energy efficient. Make sure your pans are made from magnetisable metal such as cast iron or steel.

Although induction models are generally the most expensive type of electric hob, their increasing popularity means you can buy an induction hob for less than £200. Culina have a couple of such models that also feature functions such Boost Mode and Keep Warm functions.

If you're looking for something more advanced, Neff offer a large variety of induction hobs that all feature innovative technology, such as the TwistPad Fire controls, FryingSensor Plus and integrated ventilation. 

              AEG 6000 Steambake

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs are a popular choice for those looking for an affordable yet powerful electric hob. The smooth and sleek ceramic glass surface gives them a comtemporary look, and also makes them easy to clean.

They aren't as quick to heat up as induction or gas models, but ceramic hobs still have a lot of clever features to help you out in the kitchen. Many models feature extendable zones, giving you valuable extra pan space and cooking options. Other popular features include boost modes, built in timers and Hob2Hood technology. A lot of ceramic hobs also have rotary control knobs, which many prefer to touch control displays.

Ceramic hobs are usually cheaper than induction versions, with models by Culina, Indesit and Belling costing around £150 or less. A Zanussi, Hoover or Hotpoint ceramic hob can cost between £150 to £200.  




Domino Hobs

Domino hobs are small hobs that are 30cm or 40cm wide, and can be combined with other hob types to create a bespoke kitchen set-up or they can be a stand alone option for smaller kitchens.

Small but mighty, domino hobs are available in a suprisngly wide variety of options. They can be induction, ceramic, gas or solid plate, as well as more specialist options such as teppanyaki hobs and single but powerful wok burners. 

Despite only being 30 to 40cm wide, a lot of powerful technology can be packed into a domino hob. Neff's range feature their specialistic features, such as FlameSelect® technology and Flex Induction zones. Siemens' have added their stepFlame technology and powerMove Plus to their domino hobs.

Domino hobs are very versatile and suit a variety of kitchens. They're perfect for smaller spaces and kitchen islands, and are also popular options for caravans and holiday homes. But they're also great for those who want to mix and match different hob types to create a unique cooking space.

                 Neff venting hobs

Venting Hobs

An exciting new innovation in kitchen appliances, venting hobs are fast becoming a popular choice due to their convenience and practicality. Streamlining two appliances into one, a downdraft extractor is built into the hob, meaning odours and steam are effectively removed directly at the source. They are not only extremely efficient, quiet and powerful but also make a stunning part of any kitchen.

Venting hobs usually feature induction technology and vary in width sizes from 60cm to 80cm. Most venting hobs are around the £1000 mark and above so they are on the expensive side, but you can find a decent entry level model from around £600, such as these from Culina

Venting hobs are sleek and minimal on top, but make sure you have enough space beneath your worktop to accommodate the fittings. Each one is different so be sure to check the model installation guides before ordering. Some manufacturers, such as Neff and Siemens, have made informative installation video guides on their YouTube channels.



Solid Plate

Solid plate models are the traditional type of electric hob and use an electrically powered heating element beneath the surface to heat the pans above. They are incredibly durable and very easy to use, and are the cheapest type of electric hob, making them ideal for rental properties or those on a smaller budget.

Solid plate models are becoming less popular due to the advancements in induction and ceramic hobs, and are only available in either 30cm or 60cm width sizes. Solid plate hobs are available in stainless steel, black and white finishes. 







Special Features and Technology



Flexible Zones

Flexible cooking zones are seen with induction and ceramic hobs and have a variety of names depending on the manufacturer, such as FlexiZones, Dual Zones and Combi Zones.

These flexible zones are extra heating zones that increase the total cooking area available when needed. This way, you can use a large pot or dish that extends beyond the standard induction zones, and have a variety of dishes on the hob at once.


Hob to Hood Connection

Many brands offer a Smart hob to hood connection, meaning your hob can link to your hood, which activates itself when you start cooking. This feature is usually linked to the brand's app, so you can control power and light levels from your phone.

Brands each has their own name for this technology - AEG call theirs Hob2Hood, Siemens' is cookConnect, Bosch use their Home Connect - but the basic functionality for each is the same. 


Controls and Displays

A hobs ease of use is important to both your cooking and safety, so you need to find a hob that's easy to control.

Rotary control knobs are seen on gas, solid plate and some ceramic hobs. Some people find them easier to use when controlling heat levels.

Most ceramic and induction hobs feature touch controls. Some also have a display screen to show power levels and available functions. 


Wok Burners

Some gas hobs also come with wok burners and provide more space to cook with large pans such as woks.

Wok burners provides faster cooking, and aremore convenient and more powerful. The inner and outer flame rings can be adjusted via a single control so they're perfect for proper cooking with a wok.

Wok burners can be featured on hobs of all sizes, and are particularly popular with 5 burner gas hobs.


Safety Features

Cooking can be fun but it can also get hot! Luckily, most hobs have safety features built in as standard to help keep you and your family safe.

Most gas hobs now come with an automatic flame failure safety device, which instantly cuts off the gas supply if the flames cut out.

The majority of electric hobs feature a child lock, which blocks all the hob's functions and can quickly protects it against unauthorised operation.



Power Boost is a really convenient hob feature that you can find on many induction and ceramic models. Power Boost gives an instant, extra surge of heat when you need quick results, saving you time when cooking.

The power boost option can increase the power of an induction zone by up to 50% of some models, and is a popular feature on many electric hobs by most manufacturers.