Hobs are an essential part of every kitchen. Whether you’re wanting a sleek induction hob or a traditional gas, we have a hob for every kitchen. You could even try the new air venting hobs, which combine the technology of induction with powerful extraction, to keep you kitchen smelling fresh as a daisy. With so much to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect hob in our superb collection with appliances from your favourite brands, including Neff, AEG, Bosch and Samsung.

Induction hobs are at the forefront of kitchen technology. Using electromagnet’s to heat your pans, it is the most efficient and safest hob type, as well as being stylish and easy to clean.

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Ceramic Hobs are a great alternative to traditional electric hobs and have become a firm favourite due to their efficient heating power, sleek designs, and easy to clean surface.

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A popular choice for cooks everywhere, gas hobs provide powerful heat and precise control. They come in wide variety of styles, colours and widths, and make a perfect addition to any kitchen.

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A kitchen classic, solid plate hobs are ideal if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful option for your kitchen. They are easy to use, come in a variety of sizes and look great in any home.

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Venting hobs are a popular choice due to their convenience and practicality. A downdraft extractor is built into the hob, so odours and steam are removed directly at the source.

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Domino hobs allow versatility when arranging your cooking setup. You can customise your kitchen to suit your needs, with a range of models including gas, induction, and teppanyaki hobs.

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