Neff have a fantastic range of integrated fridges and freezers packed with innovative technology so there is something for every household. Whether it is large integrated fridge freezers, or smaller under counter units, you're sure to find a model to suit your unique kitchen. In addition, their innovative food preservation system FreshSafe, available in selected models, keeps ingredients fresher for longer. Herbs, fruits and vegetables stay crisp, vibrant and fresh retaining vital nutrients and vitamins and locking in flavour. MultiAirFlow technology evenly distributes temperatures throughout the fridge, ensuring everything is properly chilled. Additional NEFF features, such as EasyAccess shelf and VarioShelf, take the hassle out of stocking up your appliance.

Door Hinge Types

There are two types of door hinge fixings to choose from - fixed hinge or sliding hinge. If you are replacing an appliance, it is recommended to either upgrade from a sliding to a fixed hinge or choose a model which has the same door hinge type so you don't have to change your existing door fittings.

Fixed: The furniture door is fixed to the appliance door.

Sliding: The furniture door is attached to the cabinet and connected to the appliance door via sliding rails.

Fridge Freezer Split Types

The fridge freezer split ratio refers to the capacities of the fridge and freezer sections respectively. When you’re replacing an integrated fridge freezer, make sure you choose the same split type so it matches your existing kitchen cabinets.

A 70/30 split is the best if you need a lot more fridge space. The 60/40 split type has a slightly bigger fridge than it does a freezer. A 50/50 split gives you an equal size fridge and freezer. 

Capacities and Sizes

When choosing a fridge freezer, it’s worth remembering that larger exterior dimensions don’t always mean more internal storage. Some features and technology, such as Frost Free, use up space due to the internal components needed. It’s worth checking internal capacity to see if it fits the needs of your home and family.

Most integrated refrigeration models are designed and made to be installed into standard cavity sizes. For example, most integrated fridge freezers have the same dimensions so you have plenty of options when choosing a new one to fit into existing units. There can be exceptions though, especially in older fitted kitchens. It is always important to measure up first - every kitchen is different and existing structures, such as pipes and sockets, need to be taken into account. Measure the height, width and depth of the cavity of your existing appliance in millimetres to get the most accurate results. 



Neff Integrated Fridge Freezers

Integrated Fridge Freezers

Neff integrated fridge freezers are designed to blend seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets, making it easy to access your chilled food and still providing plenty of storage for your frozen goods. Neff technology is easy to use and reliable, perfectly tailored to suit every Cookaholic’s lifestyle.

Neff integrated fridge freezers measure 1772mm in height and are available in two width options - 541mm and 558mm. The depth can vary by 1mm or so, but all are designed to fit into a 600mm deep niche. The fridge freezers are available in three split types - 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30. Neff don't usually label their fridge freezers with a specific split ratio, so it's important to check the measurements in the technical drawings to ensure it will fit any existing units.

Neff Integrated Fridges

Integrated Fridges

Neff integrated fridges are available in two fit styles - the Built Under models and the In Column models. The 820mm built under models are designed to be installed underneath a kitchen worktop. The 874, 1221 and 1772mm high fridges are designed to be installed at eye level, and are also referred to as 'In Column' fridges. The 1772mm models often feature 2 or 3 salad drawers and 5 or 6 door balconies. Width wise, Neff built in fridges come in three sizes- 541, 558 and 598mm. 

Neff also offer fridges that feature a small freezer compartment or ice box. The capacity for the freezer varies - some are small ice boxes, others are big enough to fit a small food shop inside. Fridges without a freezer box are often referred to as 'Larder Fridges'. 

Neff Integrated Freezers

Integrated Freezers

Neff integrated freezers are available in a range of height sizes to coordinate with their integrated fridges. The 820mm built under models are designed to be fitted underneath a worktop. The 874, 1221 and 1772mm high freezers are designed to be installed at eye level, and are also referred to as 'In Column' freezers. The taller 1772mm models often feature 6 or 7 freezer drawers, whilst the smaller models have 3 compartments. Neff built in freezers come in three width sizes- 541, 558 and 598mm. 

Most of Neff's integrated freezers are designed to sit alongside one of their fridges to suit those who want to match up their appliances, or create a 'side by side' set up. However, they can be installed as a standalone unit if you need extra freezer space.


Neff Fridge and Freezer Features

Unless you're buying new appliances on a regular basis, you might not be familiar with the latest design and technology developments. Neffs' refrigeration models are packed with features designed to save time and energy and are designed to keep your food fresher for longer. A lot of the functions and technology seen on their models is unique to their brand, or is their special take on a popular feature.


Defrost Types

Neff offer two defrosting solutions. Low Frost ensures there is less ice formation than in a traditional freezer. NoFrost technology prevents ice from forming all together, saving you time, energy, and effort. Low Frost and NoFrost features are available on both their combi refrigerators and the single freezers.


Super Freezing

Adding unfrozen foods to a freezer can slightly warm surrounding items just by being in the same drawer. Neffs' Super Freeze technology temporarily lowers the temperature further before switching back automatically - ideal for freezing newly added food items. Simply activate the “Super Freeze” function.


Flexible Freezer Space

Neff freezers provide flexible storage space. You can store large and unhandy items in the freezers' extra-large Big Box drawer, and VarioZone allows you to remove the drawers and place the bulky piece on the glass shelves for optimal and flexible storing. Vario Zone allows you to even remove the glass shelves.


Fresh Safe

With the FreshSafe drawer you can set the optimum humidity level with a slider. Two climate zones with different humidity levels and temperatures of nearly 0°C make ideal storage conditions and food stays fresher for longer. The FreshSafe humidity zone locks in vitamins and nutrients much longer.


Eco Air Flow System

The Eco Air Flow system treats your ingredients as lovingly as you picked them. It circulates air evenly in your fridge to maintain a constant temperature and help your foods stay deliciously fresh. Eco AirFlow is available in Neffs' fridges and combination fridge freezer models.


Flexible Storage

You can individualise your fridge’s interior and create the space you need- The Vario Shelf can be divided in one go. Simply push the front half of the shelf beneath the other and create twice the height. The height-adjustable shelves generously offer the space you need, again and again.