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Beautiful. Chic. Modern. Innovative. Connect to the future of cooking with the Siemens iQ700 built in collection.

If you are looking for the best in contemporary design, advanced technology, and premium quality, then a Siemens iQ700 built-in oven can give you everything you need. With steam technology, intelligent user navigation, and convenient integrated microwave functionality, the iQ700 range is a stunning and impressive collection.

The iQ700 oven series consists of two variations - one with an integrated microwave, added steam function and other innovative baking functions, and the full steam models with functions that assist you in both healthy cooking and traditional baking.



Single Ovens

Steam Cooking

One of the biggest advantages to the Siemens iQ700 range is the steam cooking functionality. Steam cooking is fast becoming one of the most popular cooking methods. Cooking with hot steam lets food retain its flavours, vitamins, minerals, and appearance as no oil and fat is needed. Siemens have taken this one step further with FullSteam Plus technology. The fullSteam Plus function is not only a healthier way of cooking, but also faster, providing the perfect balance of steam and heat. The combination of steam and 120°C heat finishes your dish up to 50% faster than normal, all while preserving nutrients, vitamins, and flavour at the same time. It's perfect for quickly cooking healthy meals.

You don't have to worry about buying a separate appliance to benefit from steam cooking. Siemens iQ700 ovens allow you to have to best of both worlds - the FullSteam Plus is an added cooking function in a multifunctional oven. So you can cook your pizzas and grill your toasties, whilst also utilising the steam function for the Sunday roast dinner.

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Double Ovens

Built In Double Ovens

Double ovens are a popular choice for those who do a lot of cooking or have large families. Double ovens give you more options, as having two ovens allows you to cook a roast in one oven and use the other oven for baking a pie at the same time. Having a lot of guest over for a feast often means that timing is important when preparing meals, this is where a double oven can help give you the cooking flexibility you need. 

The capacity ratio of the top and bottom ovens varies between make and model but, as a rule, the bottom cavity is the larger main oven whilst the top one functions as a grill and/or smaller secondary oven. The main oven features the majority of the special cooking functions and technologies. 

All double ovens need to be hardwired by a qualified electrician and are designed to be 90 x 60 x 60cm niche. Because of the 90cm height, double ovens can be installed at eye level but cannot be installed under a worktop. 

Most double ovens are electric. Although less popular, gas models are available.

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Built Under Ovens

Built Under Double Ovens

When space is limited, installing an oven under the hob allows you to maximise your kitchen storage. A built under oven is great for offering more cooking room and only needing a slightly more space than a single oven. They are installed under a kitchen worktop and offer two seperate cooking cavities.

Built-under appliances are great for smaller rooms as they fit underneath your work counter, saving additional work top space. As they are typically boxed in at the top and sides, they are also easy to remove yet fit in to kitchen designs perfectly. Built under ovens are a maximum of 720mm tall due to being designed to fit underneath a standard kitchen counter.

The top cavity is the smaller of the two and usually functions as a grill and/or conventional oven. The main oven has a slightly larger capacity and features the majority of the ovens special functions and cleaning technologies. All electric built under ovens require a hardwired installation.

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Compact Ovens

Compact Ovens

Compact ovens are the perfect solution for people with small kitchens and big ideas. They are ideal for building into kitchen furniture.

Compact ovens are smaller and are around the same size as a built in microwave oven at around 45cm high. They're always electric and are a good option for smaller kitchens. Although compact in design, they offer impressive cooking power. They can feature handy microwave functions, a grill, convection cooking, and specialist self-cleaning technologies. Some models even feature steam cooking!

Most people pair their compact oven with a standard single model to provide extra cooking space. They also combine two important appliances in one - having a microwave and an oven in one small model saves valuable kitchen space.

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Steam Ovens

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens bring together the advantages of an oven and a steamer in a single appliance, giving you new ways to create amazing meals. Start cooking in an energy-efficient & vitamin-enhancing way. Steam cooking helps lock in flavours, but can also help create a superb crust on bread or crispy skin on a roast. Steam ovens have a small tank of water within the appliance that is converted to steam during the cooking process. This is circulated around your food and cooks using steam only. This is different to average convection ovens, which use a dry heat rather than moist heat.

 You can choose a pure steam oven or you can opt for a multifunction oven that has an 'Added Steam' function. You can't brown or crisp food in a pure steam oven, which is why many brands offer combination steam ovens that can switch from steam heat to a standard oven. This way, you get the best of both worlds and don't have to invest in two separate appliances. Steam ovens are a great investment - they're energy efficient and provide healthier meals - but they do come with a higher price tag.

The dimensions of steam ovens vary. Some are 60 x 60 x 60cm - the same size of a standard single oven. Some are more compact in size and measure around 45cm in height. 

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Oven Heating Methods

When shopping for a new oven, you need to consider how the oven disperses heat to cook your food. There are a three main heating types to choose from:

CONVENTIONAL - Conventional ovens, also called traditional, regular, thermal or radiant ovens, have heating elements that are typically located at the bottom and top of the oven. In a conventional oven, the dish closest to an active heating element may cook the fastest. This is great for baking, slow roasting and cooking food at varying temperatures.

CONVECTION - Convection ovens are also known as Fanned or Fan Assisted ovens. They work is a similar way to Conventional models but use a fan to evenly distribute the heat around the cavity. This is ideal if want to cook lots of things at the same temperature.

MULTIFUNCTION - Multifunctional ovens let you choose between both of the above methods, as well as fan cooking for fast and even results, a grill setting for that crisp finish and fan grilling for the best of both. Some multifunction ovens also feature more cooking methods, such as added steam.

Oven Fuel Types

When shopping for a new oven, you need to consider how the oven disperses heat to cook your food. There are a three main heating types to choose from:

ELECTRIC -Electric ovens are known for even, consistent cooking. They use an electric heating element that produces a drier heat than gas ovens, making them good for roasting and broiling. 

GAS - Gas ovens tend to cook quickly and use more moisture while cooking. If your kitchen is already equipped with a gas hookup, you may want to consider choosing a gas oven. This option is also great for bakers as this heat helps food retain moisture and promotes browning.

Special Features and Functions


Self Cleaning Ovens

Pyrolytic ovens use extremely high temperatures to turn food residue into ash. This can be easily wiped away without scrubbing or detergent. Catalytic (self-cleaning) liners and steam (hydrolytic) cleaning functions are also great features to look out for.


Slide&Hide® Oven

Neff's unique and popular Slide&Hide® oven is the ideal choice for space saving kitchens with big ideas. As the name suggests, the innovative oven door slides and hides to fit smoothly under the cavity, allowing you closer accessibility to your cooking.


Added Steam

Steam gives excellent results because it retains the moisture. This means roast meats and vegetables are perfectly succulent and cakes are beautifully baked. Adding steam also provides healthier meals as it looks in the vitamins and nutrients.



Sous Vide cooking consists of vacuum sealing and steaming the food to the perfect temperate. Used in most high-end restaurants, Sous-Vide gives unmatched texture to food whilst also preventing overcooking. More vitamins, colours and nutrients stay sealed in.


Food Sensor

Enjoy precise cooking with a built-in temperature probe. This clever tech lets you cook meats at the perfect temperature for delicious results. Temperature sensors are often found with steam ovens as they control exactly how much steam is added to your dishes.


Fan Assisted Cooking

Fan-assisted ovens use a fan at the back to spread heat evenly throughout the oven so those veggies or cakes will be cooked perfectly wherever you place them. Many brands offer their own version of fan-assisted cooking, such as Siemens 4D HotAir and AEG's SurroundCook.