Stoves Kitchen Appliances

Engineered for Food

From a small company in the heart of northern England to one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, and with 100 years’ cooking knowledge and expertise, Stoves boast quality craftsmanship and features with true cooking benefits. A Stoves kitchen appliance is the ultimate addition to your kitchen, so you can achieve perfect results every time. Stoves range of products boast stunning range cookers, built-in ovens and hobs, freestanding cookers, hoods and splashbacks, as well as complementary integrated appliances such as dishwashers and wine coolers.


Engineered in Prescot Since 1920

With 100 years cooking knowledge and expertise, Stoves Range Cookers are engineered for food. Our collection is available in three styles, three fuels, multiple widths and a selection of Deluxe models. All boasting quality craftsmanship and features with true cooking benefits.

Available across all three styles our Deluxe Range Cookers offer four oven cavities on all widths and boast a variety of innovative and unique features, including Bluetooth® technology, powerful 5kW PowerWok Plus™ burners, Pro-Trac™ Telescopic Sliders and a Steam & Infuse™ accessory kit to enhance your cooking experience.

Stoves Colour Boutique

Style it Your Way With Colour Boutique

Inspired by the latest home design trends, we've introduced stunning new colours to our range.

From Kingfisher Teal and Porcini Mushroom to Dulux's 2022 Colour of the Year: Bright Skies™, there's a colour for every kitchen. Whether you're adding a pop of colour to your kitchen with the fiery Chilli Red and Mojito Mint shades or keeping it crisp and modern with an Icy White finish, Stoves Colour Boutique range is designed for you.

Inspired by confidence, sophistication and vibrancy, tailor the Richmond Deluxe Range Cooker to your kitchen with the on-trend colours.

Stoves Induction Cooking

Induction technology is available on freestanding, built-in hobs, and range cookers. It works by heating the pan rather than the hob, creating a smarter, faster, safer, and more precise way to cook. When a pan is placed on an induction hob, it completes a magnetic circuit below the hob's surface, this creates energy within the pan's base, which in turn heats the pan. As the heat is only heating the pan and not the zoned area, no energy is wasted.

Induction gives you outstanding low-heat performance and increased control. Perfect for delicate sauces, you can even melt chocolate directly in the pan. An induction hob can boil water considerably faster than a ceramic hob and it is twice as fast as a gas hob.

Stoves Steam & Infuse™

Steam oven cooking is easier than you think. Just choose the right option and you will have a delicious dish ready in no time. With steam, you can cook so much healthier and with more flavour. It is extra low in fat, super nutritious and, in addition to its taste, also perfects the texture and colour of each dish.

Steam & Infuse™ adds moisture and flavour to your dish turning every meal into a masterpiece. Simply adding water, stock or infused spices to the pot serves to steam from the inside, optimising the taste and texture of your food. All this flavour fast, with an average reduction in cooking time of 20%. Also comes with an accessory for making kebabs.