What are venting hobs?

An exciting new innovation in kitchen appliances, venting hobs are fast becoming a popular choice due to their convenience and practicality. Streamlining two appliances into one, they are not only extremely efficient, quiet and powerful but also make a stunning part of any kitchen.

Venting induction hobs combine the cooking surface of an induction hob with an integrated ventilation solution. These appliances are designed to provide an all-in-one cooking and ventilation solution in a compact and efficient package. There's no need for a separate range hood suspended above the cooking area as these hobs have a built-in ventilation system that pulls cooking fumes and odors downward. They are an effective space-saver, allowing you to cook with larger pots and pans as the heat stays on the hob. Like a normal induction hob, venting hobs feature a flat glass-ceramic surface with induction coils beneath. These coils generate electromagnetic fields that heat the cookware directly.

Venting hobs don't sacrifice on power either. The built-in ventilation system typically comes with adjustable fan speeds, allowing users to control the power of the downdraft based on their cooking needs. Higher speeds are used for more intense cooking, while lower speeds suffice for lighter tasks. The extraction rate on many venting hob models can reach up to a very impressive 622m3/h.

It's worth noting that specific features can vary among different models and brands of venting induction hobs, and you will need to choose between two installation options - recirculated or ducted. This means you can either recirculate the extracted and filtered air, or send it outside through a duct-out system. Additionally, while these appliances offer a streamlined solution for cooking and ventilation, their effectiveness may depend on factors such as the kitchen layout and the specific model chosen. Most of the premium kitchen appliance brands offer venting hobs in their catalogue, including AEG, Siemens, Bosch and Neff.

Important Considerations


Venting Hob Bridge

Sizes and Hob Space

As with standard induction hobs, venting models come in a range of width sizes. You can choose from 60, 70, 80 and 90cm widths. Most models have 4 cooking zones, but some wider hobs have 6 or more. It's important you choose the correct width for your kitchen and measure the available space in millimetres. You may find that it's best to round up.

A popular design feature is Combi or Bridge zones. The name of the feature varies between brand - AEG call theirs 'Bridge Zones', Neff's are named 'Combi Zones', Siemens use the term 'Flex Induction'. But the function is the same - you can combine zones into one big area to accommodate larger dishes and pans. 



Venting Hob Installation

Installation Options

There are two methods used in venting hobs. In ducting models, the air extracted is expelled from the kitchen through an external outlet, so you will need a hole in the wall so filtered air can escape outdoors. With recirculation, the air is drawn through charcoal filters into the back cavity, removing odours and particles along the way. The clean air is then filtered back into the room, so there is no need for connection to an exterior wall. Recirculation is the most popular choice due to the simplicity of installation and no additional structure work required when fitting and you don't need to worry about external vent. This means you have more freedom when planning your kitchen layout. Ducted installation requires more parts and access to an external outlet, but they do have a better extraction rate than recirculation models, combining a high airflow rate and high effectiveness at low extractor setting for added efficiency.

As a retailer, we offer venting hobs by AEG, Bosch, Neff and Siemens.  AEG's venting hobs are either Recirculation Only or Ducting Only, so you need to be sure which one you need before purchase. Each hob does come with the necessary kits and parts required for installation, so you don't have to worry about buying extra parts.


All of the venting hobs by Bosch, Neff and Siemens can be either recirculated or ducted, so you can buy any of their venting hobs, no matter which installation method you choose. But bear in mind that if you decide on recirculation, you will need to buy the kits separately. We always recommended buying the kits directly from the manufacturer so you can be sure that parts are correct. Universal, unbranded kits bought from places like Amazon may seem an easier solution but they aren't guaranteed to fit your specific model or have all the parts you actually need.

Many brands have streamlined the design of their venting models so they take up less space inside your kitchen cabinets. This means you can fit a full depth drawer underneath the hob with no issues, allowing for more space for your bulky utensils or pots and pans. AEG even offer a no piping solution for recirculation hobs. This means that no piping is visible, and the air circulates within the cabinet. Thanks to the innovative filtering system, the moisture is captured meaning there is no risk of condensation that could damage your furniture.


Venting Hob Filters

Filters and Maintenance

All venting hobs are supplied with the required grease filters needed. Grease filters can be rinsed manually with hot water and detergent, or placed in the dishwasher. They can be cleaned as many times as you like without needing to be replaced. The Vhobs by Bosch, Neff and Siemens all have a Clean Air Plus Odor Filter which can be removed easily from the centre of the hob. If you need them, carbon filters for recirculated models can be bought seperatley. You don't need them for ducted models as the air is being vented outside and therefore doesn't need to be filtered.

For their reirculation models, AEG supply an Active Carbon 2-in-1 Filter which removes odours and grease from the air before it is filtered back into the room. These filters can be cleaned with either hot water or can be washed in the dishwasher for a deep clean to 'regenerate' the filter. After 100 hours of usage, you will receive a notification to deep clean the filter. The deep clean can be be performed 8 times before it needs to be replaced, meaning you get 800 hours use out of a single Carbon 2-in-1 Filter. Replacements can be purchased directly from AEG here.


The Best Features and Options



Automated Extraction

If you turn the temperature up or down on the hob, the extractor's fan will adjust itself accordingly and automatically adapts the power level to the vapour and odours, independently of power settings.


Flexible Zones

Flexible hob zones allow you to combine two or more separate zones to create a larger, continuous cooking surface. This is useful when cooking with larger pots or when using specialty cookware.


Breeze Function

Available on AEG's venting hobs, the Breeze function quietly clears the kitchen air after cooking, without disturbing the ambiance.So you'll able to enjoy your meal and discreetly freshen the kitchen air.


iQdrive Motor

The Siemens iQdrive motor brilliantly removes unpleasant kitchen odours, thanks to its outstandingly durable, efficient and quiet brushless motor.


TwistPad® Fire

Neff's unqiue TwistPad® Fire removable control dial allows you to cook intuitively by easily twisting and pointing a dial to the zone you wish to control.


Boosted Extraction

As well as the 3 normal fan settings, you can choose the Boost or Intensive setting when you need an extra surge of power from the ventilation.