Keep your crockery clean and cared for with a range of modern, energy-saving and powerful freestanding dishwashers from Zanussi. With innovative stand-out features such as AirDry, OrbitClean and MaxiFlex, a Zanussi freestanding dishwasher will make the perfect asset for your kitchen, and are available in full size, slimline and compact designs. Explore the full range of Zanussi freestanding dishwashers.

Zanussi Freestanding Dishwashers

Looking for an integrated dishwasher that will fit beneath your worktop? Zanussi's built-in dishwashers fit perfectly in your kitchen and can be covered by a cupboard door to blend seamlessly into your decor. Choose a fully integrated model for a completely hidden finish or a semi-integrated style if you'd like the control panel to remain visible. Explore the full range of Zanussi integrated dishwashers.

Zanussi Integrated Dishwashers