Bosch Home Appliances

By your side – today, tomorrow and in the future.

Bosch appliances have always been designed with one thing in mind - to make everyday life easier, exceeding the expectations of their owner. As Europe's number one home appliance brand, Bosch strive to provide absolute peak performance in everything they design. With a formidable reputation for durability and craftmanship, Bosch are at the forefront of appliance design and innovation.

Bosch Laundry

All of Bosch's durable and reliable laundry appliances are available with a host of special functions and technologies, all designed to take the hassle out of laundry day, with features such as i-DOS™, Home Connect and Speedperfect. Washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers are all available in Bosch's extensive laundry appliance range.

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Bosch Refrigeration

Bosch know that perfect food storage is essential for every kitchen so have designed a wide range of refrigeration appliances to help keep your food in peak condition. All models are packed with the best technology, including VitaFresh and NoFrost functions. Bosch's refrigeration models are available in a range of fits and designs, so your sure to find the perfect model for you.

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Bosch Dishwashers

Whether you are looking for a built-in dishwasher or a traditional freestanding design, Bosch has a innovative range of dishwashers to suit every home. Bosch's dishwashers are packed with intelligent technology, such the TimeLight display feature, SpeedPerfect Plus and the PerfectDry system, all designed to take the hard work out of cleaning the dishes.

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Bosch Built In Ovens

Bosch's ovens are packed with a range of features designed to make meal times easier. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, there is a Bosch oven to suit every cook. Many of their ovens also come equipped with a built-in microwave function or the game-changing pyrolytic cleaning system, and why not check out Bosch's selection of fantastic steam ovens?

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Bosch Hobs

Cooking is simple and enjoyable with Bosch's selection of versatile hobs available in a variety of fuel types and sizes. Choose from a classic gas hob, a powerful and safe-to-use electric hob, or why not try a venting model, which combines cooking and extraction - the latest in cutting edge cooking technology. With so much choice, there's a Bosch hob for every kitchen.

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Bosch Cooker Hoods

Bosch's cooker hoods combine sleek style with intelligent technology, so you can create a fresh and welcoming ambience in your kitchen. There is a wide selection to choose from, such as the classic wall-mounted designs, sleek and minimal integrated models to the eye-catching island hoods, all offering impressive extraction rates and low noise levels.

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Thinking outside the box

Bosch's home appliances showcase their dedication to uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability. Passionate about their work, Bosch are constantly improving their products as they work to provide every home with the pinnacle of design and technology.

Bosch i-DOS™ Washing Machines

Peace of mind after every wash

Bosch's i-DOS™ system is ideal for saving you time and money. An incredibly intelligent feature, it works by automatically measuring how much dirt is in the water, the type of fabric, the hardness of the water and the load size. It then determines the correct programme and setting, and the amount of detergent and water needed for the wash and fabric type.

Just fill up the large built-in detergent and conditioner containers every so often and let i-DOS™ do the rest.

Bosch PerfectDry Dishwashers

The dishdryer among dishwashers.

Bosch's PerfectDry dishwasher technology is an intelligent function which saves energy by using natural minerals in Bosch's unique Zeolith® technology to dry everything - plates, pans, glasses and even plastic items - to perfection. You'll never have to towel dry your kitchenware again.

A perfect energy-saving addition to any kitchen, PerfectDry is featured is a range of Bosch's freestanding and integrated dishwasher models.


Bosch VitaFresh Technology

Stay fresh longer

Bosch's innovative and environmentally-friendly VitaFresh technology has been specifically designed keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for longer, resulting less food wastage and tastier meals.

Using Bosch's VitaFresh you can store your fruit and vegetables at exactly 0°C to lock in freshness and nutrients. The drawers have adjustable humidity settings, so your fresh food is kept in a perfectly controlled environment. This combination of temperature and humidity helps you to preserve all the essential minerals and vitamins in your fresh food so your delicious ingredients last longer, saving you money and reducing unnecessary food wastage.

Bosch Home Connect

Welcome to the smart home

Bosch's Home Connect brings smart technology to your appliances and lets you control them with your phone or tablet. So, whether you want to turn the oven on to cook your dinner when you’re on your way home, or check what’s in your fridge while you’re at the shops, you’ll be in complete control.

Home Connect is available on a wide range of Bosch's appliances, meaning you can now have complete control over your washing machine, oven, dishwasher and more. You can monitor and adjust the programme settings, check status notifications, and even run diagnostic reports, all remotely and conveniently.

Bosch Steam Cooking

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to prepare your food, cooking food gently so all the vitamins and minerals are preserved, as well as keeping the food moist and succulent.

Explore a wide selection of Bosch built-in steam ovens to suit your kitchen and cooking style. A steam oven lets you concentrate on what's important: the flavour. The gentle steam allows the flavours to develop fully without you needing to use any additional fat. Steaming, baking or a combination of both: with gentle steam and the optional addition of hot air, you have all the options you want.

Bosch 2-in-1 Cooktop

The perfect cooking combination

Bosch's integrated venting hobs combine the best of hob and cooker hood technology in one perfect cooking appliance.

An exciting new innovation in kitchen appliances, venting hobs are fast becoming a popular choice due to their convenience and practicality. A downdraft extractor is built into the hob, meaning steam and odours are effectively removed directly at the source. They are not only extremely efficient but also look great in any kitchen.