Candy Home Appliances

Brilliant and simple ideas for your daily life

Candy means smart ideas to simplify your daily life by offering a complete range of connected products and unique solutions. Always providing the best value for money, Candy creates accessible, easy-to-use technologies for a variety of home appliances. Design, attention to detail and a strong attitude towards a smart, contemporary and easy-going lifestyle are what make their appliances so special.

Candy has an Italian touch that you can feel in the products’ design, in the attention to details and in the brand attitude towards home living, food and lifestyle in general.

Candy Washing Machines

Do you want to combine practicality and innovation, saving both time and money? Then simplify your life with Candy washing machines, precious allies in your day, because they wash and respect your clothes without unnecessary waste of water and electricity. Take a look at the various models in the range and discover how Candy's front-loading washing machines will fit in perfectly with the space in your home and respond to your family's cleaning needs.

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Candy Refrigeration

Do you want to preserve your food in the best possible way, both fresh and cooked? A smart fridge like those in the Candy catalogue may be ideal for you. From the automatic defrosting and ice monitoring system to the possibility of combining shelves and internal balconies to your liking: a Candy refrigerator can make your life easier. From built-in refrigerators to free-standing refrigerators: Candy offers different models in terms of size, colour, display and connectivity.

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Candy Dishwashers

After a stressful day, would you like to enjoy a well-deserved dinner and your free time without having to worry about dirty dishes in the sink? A Candy dishwasher will be your best ally. Fast, very practical, safe and above all spacious: Candy dishwashers have a variety of washing programs and are perfectly suited to kitchens large and small. Available in various models, both built-in and free-standing, Candy dishwashers allow you to save time and improve your daily life.

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Candy Tumble Dryers

Would you like to forget about drying racks and clothespins? The ideal solution to save space and time is a Candy tumble dryer. Comfortable, easy to use and as smart as ever, Candy dryers have a carrying capacity of up to 10kg. The dryers in the Candy catalogue guarantee excellent performance, respecting your favourite clothes, and thanks to the numerous drying programmes available, they are perfect for those who want to optimize their time.

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Candy Hobs

Are you looking for a cooker hob that's easy to use and with a functional design, but smart at the same time? The Candy catalogue offers various models to meet all your needs. The gas hob, for example, offers solutions from two to six zones and is available in both tempered glass and stainless steel. The induction hob, on the other hand, is more modern and ensures quick cooking, easier cleaning and better resistance to scratches and abrasions.

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Candy Wine Coolers

Do you often organize dinners with friends? Would you like to keep some bottles cool for these special occasions? A Candy wine cooler is the ideal solution for you. Practical and modern, Candy wine coolers maintain a perfect level of humidity and ensure your wines stay at optimum temperature. Available in single and dual-zone models and with Wi-Fi connectivity, the online wine cellars in the Candy range can also be controlled remotely with the simply-Fi app.

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The smartness to make your daily life easier

Candy DNA has always been about simplifying your daily life. That’s why they've chosen to empower their products with connectivity. Simply communicate and connect with your appliances through your mobile devices or digital assistants by using the Candy app. Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive functions, the Candy app will provide simple and practical answers and useful contents to support you in managing daily chores.

Candy Simply-Fi App

Simplify your life with Candy connectivity

The Candy App is where everything happens! With its unique and intuitive interface, the Candy App will allow you to easily manage all your domestic appliances as a whole integrated ecosystem. Just download it and pair your products to enter the Candy connected world and access a complete set of additional functions and programs.

Thanks to the Candy simply-Fi App you will be able to manage your appliances remotely and to directly talk with them via smart speakers when you’re at home. Plus, you will have access to a complete set of dedicated contents and features: tips & tricks, maintenance guides, creative cooking ideas, and unexpected usages.

Candy RapidÓ Washing Machines

The easiest way to save time

In our busy lives, the most precious thing is time. This is why the new Candy RapidÓ washing machine is designed around this concept; quick and efficient daily washing cycles help save time that you can dedicate to the things you love most, improving the quality of life. 65% of people prefer using rapid programmes but often they are not able to choose the right combination to get the best results.

Once again Candy offers simple but smart and innovative solutions: the most complete set of 9 rapid washing programmes on the market and the exclusive Snap&Wash function. Quicker and smarter, isn’t it?

Candy Induction Hobs

The pleasure of cooking

No need to be an expert to cook at the best. Candy introduces a complete range of induction hobs suitable for any need. Change your cooking habits and find out all the advantages you can get: quicker cooking, safety and easy cleaning to perfectly match your needs. Upgrade your cooking performance and downgrade your efforts.

If you are fed up of waiting for the water to boil, or for the oil to reach the frying temperature, Candy induction hobs are made for you. The Superfast booster mode allows you to boil water in a few minutes. Candy induction hobs also offer you flexible solutions- with Twin Power, cook with one big zone or 2 small zones according to your needs, whilst Double Zone is a versatile area, perfect for any use from the bigger pots to the smaller ones.